sábado, setembro 08, 2007

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artesaospelomundo@hotmail.com disse...

Hola Patricia! Andavamos a passear por aqui e descobrimos o teu blog! Está um espetáculo, tens trabalhos lindos e super originais!
Bjs e bom fim-de-semana!
Ivânia e Gonzalo

Karen James disse...


I want to thank you for your lovely comment about my glasswork! I, like you, love working with glass. I find it to be the most exciting of all materials that I have had the opportunity to use.

Your fused glass pieces are absolutely beautiful! I think the way that you have decorated the glass is very unique, which makes it very special. Your time and effort shows in your workmanship. Thank you for inviting me to view your work. It has been a pleasure!

Visit both www.warmglass.com and lampworketc.com for great information and supplies. I look forward to "seeing" you there!